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Crain's 2008 Small Business Award Winner

Aerospace Wire & Cable Inc. 


The Washington Monument is a symbol of pride and patriotism for many people. Dick Chen feels the same way, but for more personal reasons. His engineer's work helps the monument weather the elements.

Mr. Chen's company, Aerospace Wire & Cable Inc,. designed a unique, stone-colored cable that collects data on humidity, acidity and pollution. That kind of specialized product is an example of the niche thinking that has taken Aerospace to the top of its small industry.


"The company is flexible and turns around orders quickly," says a sales manager for a cable distributor. "I've placed orders as small as 1,000 feet of cable. That's not something the bigger manufacturers will bother with." Nearly 25% of what Aerospace manufactures is geared for projects in New York City. High-rises use the cable because it meets stringent fire code. The Department of Environmental Protection relies on Aerospace's technology for cooling systems at water-treatment plants.

"Aerospace started out with 5,000 square feet at this location 22 years ago, expanded to 10,000 a decade later, and now we are at capacity."